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Issues with Madden NFL to become fair
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Wysłany: 2020-05-27, 03:56   Issues with Madden NFL to become fair

Madden needs to proceed the Tekken/street fighter path and just have a season pass for Madden NFL. It's the same engine when required last couple Mut 20 coins of yrs update the rosters, uniforms, cartoons. Theymake a pretty penny and rip-off lovers that are less. Perhaps once the next gens roll out... lmao Wishful thinking, I know.I mean that's basically what it is they just bill us the cost of the complete match for each new year rather than $25. When they priced it like I think a whole lot of us would forgive more of the issues with Madden NFL to become fair.

I can't count the amount of times my opponent has thrown the ball away while still being within the tackles is called. Additionally illegal touch is rampant, I will put a receiver at a streak and he will get bumped and completely thrown off his path 7-8 yards down the field that's illegal. The worst is the AI can't get called for intentional grounding. It is fucking bs.

When the season doesn't proceed EA shouldn't make a game next year. They should focus on making Madden 22 a great deal better. It is reasonable. If the season doesn't occur, the Madden NFL players' overalls will not change. MUT is the same every year. They can use to make Franchise and Face of the Franchise much more and a lot better in depth. Shit, Madden 10 needed a Franchise. Madden 10 is a game that is fantastic, from ten decades ago, and it's better than what we have. No it doesn't make sense. Madden would sell more if there was not a year (which there will be).

The season will be played. You might look at Assassins creed although obviously it is not good for EA. The sales went way up and they took off and the quality went up. I have beliefs that the right call will be made by EA. Everyone on Reddit believes they know what's best for the world and it is obnoxious that the season is MONTHS away. Stop fear mongering and let things play out.

This is not a wrong or right situation whatever they do who cares? Should they make a 21 (again no reason they would not ) cool it'll be a roster upgrade with MUT. If they don't release 21 (again no reason they wouldn't) maybe they'd just have a downloadable roster you'd have to pay for in 20. I am not fear mongering, I am just saying what I think, nothing frightening about it, just an opinion. You're also right about that but I still think that EA should and will consider not releasing a game. Particularly in the event that you have a look at just how it worked out using their other franchises.

I really don't disagree they should take a year off and that has NOTHING to do with corona. They have needed to take a year off for some time. But it happens with the new Xbox and also the outside that is ps5. They need that money. They do not"need" the money. They have been making like 750M for the past 3 years at least now. Sure there's a lot of costs related to making those matches but there is. There is no way that EA has not saved a little bit of cash in case of a big delay or a sport which does not sell.Best estimates given show us beginning to come back to normal around August, those would madden coins for sale be the very best quotes. Most are predicting early next year, some say two.

I believe they should quit making a new game each year anyhow and also do a model that is similar as GTA. I agree but I don't feel that makes sense together with sports games. People want to play their favorite Madden NFL players now, not in four decades from today. My point is that because their might not be a season next year. Madden NFL is not gonna change. They have more time to generate a product that make us shut up for once and could please the fans. If they do so, I expect madden 22 will be a stepping stone into possibly great games in the future. Okay but envision making madden a free download like fortnite and then charging a small charge for every"season" which allows you to play with updated franchise, MUT, and online matchups. They'd probably make more money that way, if they wanted to and gameplay improvements could be pushed out by them regularly.

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Wysłany: 2020-07-12, 01:32   

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