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bracelet pandora
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Ben Augustus 

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Wysłany: 2020-06-08, 09:25   bracelet pandora

He would be chained to a rock where bracelet pandora a vulture would forever feed on his liver  the vulture would peck and pull out pieces of his liver and feed on it; and the liver would grow back overnight so that the vulture can feed on the immortal titan's liver the next day again. That was the punishment for Prometheus. But men whom he loved so much, for whose sake he did all this, wouldn't be spared either. Their punishment would be worse than the earlier two: a new being would be sent into their midst, a new being called woman.

And what would be woman's job? To separate man from joy and happiness forever, to destroy his peace and serenity, to create discord among men, to drive them crazy  she would be the source of all their misery and yet they wouldn't be able to live without her, for she promised them bliss, one look at her would fill them with intense pleasure; and also, pandora earrings she would be the mother of their children. An amazing creature that made them go dizzy, she would enter their homes, cunning, insidious, manipulative, treacherous, take over their hearts and make sure there was no peace there.

The vengeance of Zeus is complete now. This then is the story of Pandora, the first woman created pandora necklace according to Greek mythology. ~*~ Let us now take a look at the story of Sandhya, the first woman born of the Creator, Brahma according to Indian myths. As in the case of the Greek myth of Pandora, there are several versions of Sandhya's story  in fact much more so  but for our discussion we shall follow the detailed Kalika Purana narration. The story is told in the opening chapters of the purana.

Those eyes were timid like those of a doe, moving constantly, and her eyebrows reached out towards her ears. Her nose resembled a sesame flower and was so incredibly beautiful that it made one feel as pandora disney though it was the beauty of her forehead melting and flowing down in such a wonderful shape. Her face reminded you of a golden lotus; and her rich, lush red lower lip, the ripe bimba gourd. Her two full breasts, thrusting upward as though they were trying to reach her lovely chin [pinottungau, chibuka? yatu? udyatau iva], her thin waist, broad hips, heavy thighs, lovely feet, all made her temptingly, irresistibly alluring. But of course, Kama, the god of desire and love, was yet to be born.

The Kalika Purana here pauses to give us a description of the perfection of male beauty and unless we are familiar with Indian mythology, we expect him to be the match for Sandhya  the perfect male and the perfect female. As the prajapatis and the mind-born sons of Brahma look on, their curiosity awakened, the new being, from whom wafts a heady fragrance, looks at Brahma, bows to him and asks him what his function is, what he should do  remember the creation of the universe has just begun and is still in the initial stages. He requests Brahma to assign to him any work befitting him.

He is again blessed: his flower arrows will be more powerful than the weapons of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He is given omnipresence  the entire universe will be his abode, there will be no place where he has no pandora ring entry and all will be subject to him  all, including plants, bushes and grass, right up to Brahmaloka, and no one anywhere shall be equal to him. He is told that the daughter of Daksha, Rati, shall be his wife. It is now that the story takes a turn. Kama muses over all the powers and blessings he has received, picks up his bow Unmadana shaped like the eyebrow of a beautiful woman and his five flower arrows and decides something very daring: He would test his powers on Brahma himself along with the others present there.

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Wysłany: 2020-07-12, 02:29   

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